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The 28th FAOBMB conference, in conjunction with the 2nd CBSL conference, is scheduled to be held during 11-13th June 2020 at the Hilton, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This conference will bring together eminent biochemists and molecular biologists from the FAOBMB region as well as from outside the region. Under the general theme of ‘Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for the Future’ the conference will focus on several key areas in biochemistry and molecular biology, which are expected to influence the direction of research in the coming years. The conference is planned around plenary lectures, symposia and posters. Those submitting abstracts for the conference may present their research in the form of orals or posters.

The conference will also provide a platform for networking through clustering sessions, where delegates, especially the younger scientists will have an opportunity to interact with international peers as well as senior scientists, that will lead to research collaborations and lasting friendships.

More information on the conference, including plenary and invited speakers, symposia tracks, registration and abstract submission deadlines by can be found on this site.

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